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by Julia

Fun with the Target Catalog from Sociological Images. I love the last one.

The AP couldn’t find 10 human female athletes, so they chose 2 horses for a top 10 list. really. Love Kate’s speciesist mention (and see Elizabeth’s post on the topic here!)

The link (politically) between narcotics and sexual pleasure (and corporal freedom).

If the “bo-tax” is sexist, shouldn’t tampons be untaxed too? interesting stuff, from Amanda Marcotte over at Pandagon.

Stereotyping people by their favorite indie bands.

Merry Happy, to all.

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Tab Dump

by Julia

Carrie Bradshaw: Feminist Icon? Tracy Clark-Flory breaks down the arguments of Naomi Wolf and Camilla Long, and deems SATC more positive than negative. (guilty pleasure, nonetheless).

Cooking the Books: The Statistical Game behind off-label prescription drug use interesting stuff regarding off-label prescription drug use and how drug corps not-so-secretly encourage it.

Testing, Testing: The New Yorker’s Atul Gawande on the positive side of an incomplete health care plan.

Gender and Math Feminist Philosophers on parental underestimates of their daughter’s math abilities as predictive of less female prevalence in quantitative fields later in life.

listening to: The Replacements’s Let it Be album and Lady GaGa, obvi.

consuming: pineapple and seltzer water

swooning over: my new purchase!! eee!

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