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by Julia

Today is the lovely Elizabeth’s birthday!

Have a glass of red, some cheese, and a Martha Stewart cookie in her honor.


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by Elizabeth

Julia and I are fortunate, thrilled, and grateful to have the support of our friends, families, and the strangers who are reading our work in greater numbers every day (a new high of 150 views tonight!).

This whole starting-a-blog thing has been exciting, challenging, and exhausting, so before I head down to J.’s for a New Years fete in College Park, I’m throwing a cocktail party.

My oldest and dearest friends from home are each bringing over appetizers and wine tomorrow night and we’re toasting to 2010 a little early. In the meanwhile, I’m scouring my favorite food blogs for recipes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be considering this while hungry, but here are the options I’m favoring right now:

Any suggestions or favored hors d’oeuvres, dear Readers? I’ll save a tartlet and toast for you tomorrow night- we hope you keep coming back!

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