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by Julia

Liz and I will probably be blogging more over the summer as she job hunts and I mentally prepare for law school in the fall. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been reading. Happy June, readers!

Caitlyn Flanagan’s piece in The Atlantic has generated a ton of controversy. We’ll most likely respond in the next few days, seeing as we’re the girls apparently perpetrating this “cultural insurrection.” Some of our favorite feminist bloggers have responded: Sady Doyle and Jill Filipovic among them.

It is so rare to find commentary on women having children later in life without it being spun as a grave social problem. The Guardian has a great op-ed debunking some of this, and some good commentary here.

Some overlooked stories regarding the BP oil spill. ICE is investigating the immigration status of workers involved in the clean-up effort. File this under Really? Also, capitalism wreaks environmental havoc in places besides the US – just a reminder.

15 billboards that do not belong next to each other.

I’m getting a bit nostalgic for my DC summer intern days. For your entertainment purposes, Overheard in DC (intern edition) and the infamous DC intern blog, which Liz and I are thankful we never graced.

DC film festival round-up. Rosslyn’s ’90s series looks great.

I’m so excited for World Cup 2010. A beginner’s guide and a reluctant reminder that I’m not at all unique in this affinity.

Om nom nom for the day.

I’ve been listening to this a lot (thanks, Crystal Castles Pandora):


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by Julia

– A bunch of creationist, anti-global warming men interview some women and deem the g-spot a myth. mmk, sure.

– California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes a constitutional amendment that would guarantee higher education more funding than state prisons. Seems like a no-brainer.

– The New Yorker’s John Cassidy reports on the proven (see: 2008) failure of Chicago School-style economics. Keynes says, “back attack!”

– Radical feminist Mary Daly died. I’ll let Jill say the rest:

“Mary Daly’s life, in a lot of ways, is a microcosm of the public face of late 20th century second-wave feminism — a woman-centered radical movement that had (refreshingly, for some) little place for men, but that later found itself tripping over its narrowly-imposed definition of ‘woman.'”

– Yea, because Christians are the paradigm of fidelity and morality.

Currently watching: re-run of the DC Real World.

Currently consuming: homemade date & nut bars and coffee.

Looking forward to: a weekend of bonfires, DC-ing, and a bit of snow.

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