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by Julia

The Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism has some cool pieces up about a recent conference on Charismatic Financialism and unmasking the “ghost within the machine.” Neat stuff.

Speaking of capitalism and images, the cast of Jersey Shore rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange yesterday in what I think is a pretty damn perfect portrayal of our country in every sense.

The most comprehensive look at the importance of Vitamin D in Western society that I’ve read. This works nicely with the Hygiene Hypothesis. Read: people with less money to spend at Whole Foods/on SPF100 are better off in quite significant ways.

On the sensation of cat/dog internet memes. Oh yea, and a catdog may have been born in Georgia …which I found out about via youtube videos of said species (and not by watching reruns of this show). #signsoftheapocalypse

Framing children’s deviance, in which the coverage of Latarian Milton (the seven year old of “hoodrat stuff with my friends” fame) is contrasted with that of a white child’s similar car-driving spree.

Finally, David Brooks Haiku. This is really all the time one needs to devote to his columns, anyway.

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by Julia

Liz and I will probably be blogging more over the summer as she job hunts and I mentally prepare for law school in the fall. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been reading. Happy June, readers!

Caitlyn Flanagan’s piece in The Atlantic has generated a ton of controversy. We’ll most likely respond in the next few days, seeing as we’re the girls apparently perpetrating this “cultural insurrection.” Some of our favorite feminist bloggers have responded: Sady Doyle and Jill Filipovic among them.

It is so rare to find commentary on women having children later in life without it being spun as a grave social problem. The Guardian has a great op-ed debunking some of this, and some good commentary here.

Some overlooked stories regarding the BP oil spill. ICE is investigating the immigration status of workers involved in the clean-up effort. File this under Really? Also, capitalism wreaks environmental havoc in places besides the US – just a reminder.

15 billboards that do not belong next to each other.

I’m getting a bit nostalgic for my DC summer intern days. For your entertainment purposes, Overheard in DC (intern edition) and the infamous DC intern blog, which Liz and I are thankful we never graced.

DC film festival round-up. Rosslyn’s ’90s series looks great.

I’m so excited for World Cup 2010. A beginner’s guide and a reluctant reminder that I’m not at all unique in this affinity.

Om nom nom for the day.

I’ve been listening to this a lot (thanks, Crystal Castles Pandora):

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by Julia

Apologies for the slow posting as of late. Elizabeth and I have been quite busy with travel, work, decisions for post-college, and enjoying our senior years. This means, however, that I have a ton of tabs saved up for y’all.

With the local food movement in full-swing, it is pertinent to examine the feminist implications of a call for a return to slow cooking (aka, get back in the kitchen, ladies).

Unpaid internships – my summer/semester occupations for the past two years – are clearly classist, but that might also make them illegal. I’m now pondering how DC would function without interns...would Senators answer their own letters!?

This has made the rounds on the blogosphere, but thought I would post it, as well. What if women ran Wall Street? (count me out of the experiment, thanks.)

Boo, overdeterministic parenting. I love the daughters’s reactions, too.

In honor of my ridiculous government exam on Monday on simplified Latino political behavior, here is a chart about immigration bureaucracy. But I thought it was so simple, what with that whole “land of the free” and stuff…

Jay Smooth ponders the dichotomy in rap between lyricism and capitalism. Reminds me of a documentary we just watched in my sociology class, also.

The 43 Sexist US Presidents. Franklin Pierce, here’s looking at you. (I kid).

My mom sent this to me a while back. Its simplistic message is something that anyone in any sort of relationship should strive to apply at all times, but especially surrounding break ups. Communication, ftw.

happy reading, and Happy Easter to those of you celebrating tomorrow.

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by Julia

First tab dump of the new year = a retrospective on the past year.

A graphical representation of topics covered by the media in 2009. Of note: Israel vs Gaza coverage…surprised that Balloon Boy isn’t bigger (seriously, as I recall, the media talked of nothing else for a few weeks this summer.)

Front page story in the Baltimore Sun on Jan 1 about the budget cuts and student activism @ UMD.

Yeah, pretty sure feminism is far from “gone.”

In defense of end-of-decade lists – you could read them as indicative of cultural decline, or as a means of expanding cultural appreciation.

Elizabeth and I went out in DC last night with some of my friends from Maryland – we love old buildings and wine, so Local 16 was a perfect setting. Highly recommended.

Another DC reminder: Restaurant Week starts the 11th and gives me a really good excuse to try delicious food at otherwise unattainable restaurants. Any favorites on the list?

Stay tuned for a loooong post on A Dangerous Liaison either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Happy weekend, Readers!

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by Julia

Fun with the Target Catalog from Sociological Images. I love the last one.

The AP couldn’t find 10 human female athletes, so they chose 2 horses for a top 10 list. really. Love Kate’s speciesist mention (and see Elizabeth’s post on the topic here!)

The link (politically) between narcotics and sexual pleasure (and corporal freedom).

If the “bo-tax” is sexist, shouldn’t tampons be untaxed too? interesting stuff, from Amanda Marcotte over at Pandagon.

Stereotyping people by their favorite indie bands.

Merry Happy, to all.

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Tab Dump

by Julia

Carrie Bradshaw: Feminist Icon? Tracy Clark-Flory breaks down the arguments of Naomi Wolf and Camilla Long, and deems SATC more positive than negative. (guilty pleasure, nonetheless).

Cooking the Books: The Statistical Game behind off-label prescription drug use interesting stuff regarding off-label prescription drug use and how drug corps not-so-secretly encourage it.

Testing, Testing: The New Yorker’s Atul Gawande on the positive side of an incomplete health care plan.

Gender and Math Feminist Philosophers on parental underestimates of their daughter’s math abilities as predictive of less female prevalence in quantitative fields later in life.

listening to: The Replacements’s Let it Be album and Lady GaGa, obvi.

consuming: pineapple and seltzer water

swooning over: my new purchase!! eee!

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