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by Julia

Oh hey! It’s been a while. Since we last posted, Elizabeth and I have both moved to DC (living separately, but meeting up for at least a happy hour once a week). We’ll try to update on our newish lives – working at an awesome non-profit for Liz, surviving 1L for Julia – but for now, here are some tabs!

It seems that even Terry Jones’s evangelical (and racist and sexist and xenophobic, etc) book publisher wants to distance itself from him. Creation House removed Jones’s best seller from their page, but fear not! There are some awesome books up there. On my list: The Apocalypse of Bob and the uber-progressive sounding How to Submit to Your Husband Joyfully. (*that’s the sound of sarcasm, btw*)

The US Senate is holding a hearing on the disturbing trend of police mistreatment of rape victims, partially because of the conduct of the Baltimore City Police Department. Background here.

A really neat report on the effects of a losing baseball team on a city – economically, emotionally, and narratively. Go O’s, regardless.

On internet memes. lolz internetz etc.

Money can buy you a better ranking, but not a better education. A revealing study on George Washington University.

The New Yorker covers the bleak Russian landscape and the history of Stalinist labor camps.

On the prison note, is it possible to  have a prison without walls? (whether or not it’s a good idea is a whole separate question)

Why there’s a bit more to the Ladies Night legal controversy, especially for feminists.

Finally, the confluence of a bunch of things that make me really happy:

anarchist kitteh

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by Julia

– A bunch of creationist, anti-global warming men interview some women and deem the g-spot a myth. mmk, sure.

– California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes a constitutional amendment that would guarantee higher education more funding than state prisons. Seems like a no-brainer.

– The New Yorker’s John Cassidy reports on the proven (see: 2008) failure of Chicago School-style economics. Keynes says, “back attack!”

– Radical feminist Mary Daly died. I’ll let Jill say the rest:

“Mary Daly’s life, in a lot of ways, is a microcosm of the public face of late 20th century second-wave feminism — a woman-centered radical movement that had (refreshingly, for some) little place for men, but that later found itself tripping over its narrowly-imposed definition of ‘woman.'”

– Yea, because Christians are the paradigm of fidelity and morality.

Currently watching: re-run of the DC Real World.

Currently consuming: homemade date & nut bars and coffee.

Looking forward to: a weekend of bonfires, DC-ing, and a bit of snow.

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